Posted by: JennyRain | September 24, 2009

Facebook and Twitter are fads. Generation “Social Media” stats disagree

Byte this Batman

Something I am learning to admire about upcoming generations is their penchant for technology. 

I am consistently amazed at how people half my age zip by me with their technical aptitude, though I have been in the tech world for almost twenty years.

Recently a collegue shared a video that provided statistics on how simple social media technologies many think are simply “faddish” are actually revolutionizing our economy. They are changing how we sell, how we buy, what we buy… they are changing how we connect and socialize… how we do business… how we do education… even how we do church. I’m amazed at how these simple technologies – many developed by those techies half my age – are changing the world we live in.

Think Facebook and Twitter are just fads? Check this video out  and you may change your mind.


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