Posted by: JennyRain | September 2, 2009

Pup-Date: Lily and Abby Grace’s adventures up north

Hello world, its us again, Lily and Abby Grace.

We are enjoying being Yankee pugs since mom got married in May and we moved to Virginia. Our neighborhood just loves us and comes out to say hi when we walk down the sidewalk for our daily pug-jaunt.

Last week we met our new neighbors and guess what? They have pugs too! We are so excited, the whole neighborhood will be pug-gerrific soon!

But, that’s not why we are writing… we wanted to ask you to vote for us in the Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue‘s Calendar contest!

We are some of the contestants for their annual Pug Calendar!!

The photos that were entered are below. You have to vote by the entry number. So please pick your favorite photo of us and vote today! No donation required, but when the calendars come out, the money made on the calendars goes to rescue more pugs from their ruff ruff life in the puppy-mills.

You can view all of the photos from the MAPR fundraising page (We are on Page 8)

To Vote, go to this link and enter your favorite photo entries.

Thanks for voting and may you have a pugnacious, pug-n-credible day!


Lilypug and AbbyGrace



Entry #20268

Abby Grace & Lily Rain Schmitz







Entry #20269

Lily Rain Schmitz









Entry #20270

Abby Grace & Lily Rain Schmitz







Entry #20271

Lily Rain Schmitz







Entry #20272

Abby Grace Rain Schmitz







  1. They are adorable.

    • tee hee! They are so much better than television! 🙂 thanks for stopping by – LOVE your blog 🙂 Have favorited it 🙂

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