Posted by: JennyRain | August 28, 2009

Rock the Vote!

The great shirt debate.

I have discovered a new passion – dressing my husband. Now, do not take that the wrong way. John is fully capable of shopping for himself and picking out clothes in the morning. Just this morning, as a matter of fact, he picked out a fabulous ensemble comprised of a brown & yellow plaid summer shirt with worn jeans and sketcher-black slip on shoes and looked absolutely darling.

It is simply that I have discovered, shopping for men’s clothing and finding shirts and ties or shirts and jeans, or shirts and shorts is really fun! The guys clothing section tends to make things easier by matching shirts and ties, then putting them on display so you can spot shop. Spot-shopping is when you spot an ensemble across the aisle that goes really well together and then make a beeline over to the display to grab and purchase it immediately.

Guys clothing is also MUCH cheaper than women’s so you can buy four shirts for the price you would pay for the sleeve of a woman’s shirt. When you walk out of the men’s section, you feel like you have gotten a huge bargain. When you walk out of a women’s section, you just feel broke.

So in outfitting John for his job this year, we have come to odds about two shirts.

Personally, I think these shirts are smashing. John, on the other hand, thinks that they are hideous. I think that they are trendy and cool. He thinks they look like something he would wear on a farm. And because I have a blog and he doesn’t – I get to rock the vote.

So, here is the vote – I need opinions from the guys and the gals – from John’s people and my people. Participate in the polling by voting below!

Shirt 1:

image 3










Design of Shirt 1:

image 1






Shirt 2:

image 4










Design Shirt 2

image 2


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