Posted by: JennyRain | July 30, 2009

Design Spotting

I love design spotters.



Design spotters have this knack of finding a few pictures of re-designed rooms, creative crafts, and inviting environments for me to step into for a moment. They can take a space that looks drab and uncomfortable and re-create it into a warm and inviting space. They can take a website that is overloaded with random images and connect it with cohesive graphics. I look forward to seeing the innovations they find each week to share.

Anything design fascinates me because designers have such an out-of-the-box type of style. They just see the world differently. A good designer can take five unrelated objects and make them work in a room and that fascinates me. A great designer can take seven disjointed graphic elements and combine them on the same page to make it pop.



Designers are cutting-edge. They tend to be on the forefront of what is coming and rather than following a trend, they set it. Designers (or those who “catch” good design) inspire me!

Here are the latest design-spotters I’m following… If you know of any other great design bloggers, message me.

Absolutely Beautiful Things
Brown Button
Delight by Design
Design Lovely
Green Wedding Shoes
Luphia Loves
Haven and Home
VT Interiors
The City Sage

And my all time favorite Design Spotter is: Swish and Swanky


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