Posted by: JennyRain | July 14, 2009

Keeping first things first: Psalm of Reflection

As I was pondering Revelations 2.4-5 today (I seem to be running into this scripture a lot this week – yikes!), my prayers turned into a psalm

Psalm of Reflection

I love you Lord for you saw my pain
You did not leave me where my feet would slip
Instead, you reached out and delivered me to a smooth pathway

People watched how you rescued me.

They saw your hand lovingly restore me.
They observed your redemption in my life.

Now I am new.
You have brought me to a good land.
This is a land of promise and here you allow me to rest secure in You.

May my heart ponder Your goodness all of my days
As I reflect on the good path you have chosen for me.

May others see Your goodness and stand in awe of You.
May I be found faithful in all my ways

May my life be a reflection of Your abiding Grace and Love.


So as I have been reflecting on Revelations 2 and pondering what God might have me to learn through the scripture which states “You have lost your first love,” I realize my heart’s desire is to keep God first in my life. Some days I do this better than others, so for today, I simply ask that God honor my desire, meet me where my will is presented to Him as a gift, and help me get the rest of the way to Him through His abiding Grace.

How thankful I am for God’s goodness and love to me today.


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