Posted by: JennyRain | April 16, 2009

Waiting Still

I have decided that I do not wait well. I want what I want, when I want it.

Georgia has “spoilt” me a bit, I reckon, on this practice of waiting. In Greensboro, we have one very valuable commodity and we have it in abundance – it is called “Time.”

Sure, I am superb at waiting on things that I do not care much about – like taxes. They tend to be put on hold until the very last minute. But those things I anxiously anticipate, or desires I want to see manifest into fruition – I am not so great at waiting on those things.

Time frequently gives one the ability to balance and manage one’s life, and in doing so (hypothetically speaking of course), one has the ability to respond to requests at lightening speed, thus providing the most excellent of hospitable customer service. Well, hypothetically speaking.

Greensboro also has another valuable commodity and that is “Distraction-aversion.” The blink of a town I live in is so tiny that if you sneeze – you will miss it. True, it is growing, but we still only have one main road and when folks tell you how to get to the courthouse, the directions go something like this:

“Well, ya jas drive on’ap ta tha first stop-laaaahht. When ya’ll get thar, take a riaht. If ya’ll pass the Gold’n Pant’rahy ya gone ta fahr. Jas tahrn around an head bahck to tha red buildin.”

So between lack of distractions and abundance of time, I feel like I can get the answers I want more quickly, and these things I have been waiting to see happen in the last couple of years are driving me bananas today!

I wonder how God sees my lack of patience on waiting. To Him, a hundred years is probably like a blink of time. And does it count – God’s “waiting” – when you are the one with all of the power to make things happen? I mean, if you know what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, how it is going to happen – and you have this knowledge down to the nanosecond, can one get impatient whilst waiting?

I wonder if God ever becomes impatient, or perturbed at our developmental delays? I wonder if He ever just feels like snapping His fingers and saying, “Ok, just BE what I need you to be, will ya? We have been ‘round this mountain again and again, I just need you to get there! I have been watching this for forty years – we need to just get on with things, ya hear?!?” I wonder how God deals with His impatience in waiting… I wonder if there is something in His ways that I could learn from today… as I wait.

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