Posted by: JennyRain | March 28, 2009

7-11, Rellie, and Home

This morning I visited my favorite coffee shop in Virginia, 7-11. True, 7-11 is not Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts, but for me it remains a favorite stopping place. As I walked back from 7-11 this morning, I reflected on how happy I am to be back in the land of 7-11. 7-11 is such a tiny luxury, but living two states away from a 7-11 for four-and-a-half years makes it a luxury I have missed. Especially their morning blueberry coffee and glazed donuts – you just can’t find that in Georgia.
Walking home, I noticed that everyone I passed said “Good morning!” and made eye-contact. It was a bit disorienting for me, as people typically pass by here without saying a word. It was a pleasant surprise. It made it feel more homey here in Virginia.
So as I jaunted home, gleefully glorifying on my coffee acquisition and being back in the land of 7-11, my maitron-of-honor to be texted me a video of her daughter Arella enjoying Cocoa, sweet tea, and grits at the Waffle House.

Mmmmm, grits. Mmmmmm, sweet tea. Mmmmm, Waffle House. Northern Virginia does not have a Waffle house, or a Huddle House that I know of. Where will I find my grits and sweet tea?

Hmmm, a quandary. 7-11? Or sweet tea and grits at Waffle House? Both are landmarks for me that establish a location as home. Both have salient memories of good times, good food, friendships, and laughter (I mean, you walk out of 7-11 or a Waffle House and you smell like it for the next two hours of your day! Who can’t remember that!)

But I cannot be in both of my homes at once. So what truly makes a home a home? Is home where you have all of your stuff? Is home where things feel familiar? Is home where your friends and family are? Well, what if you have friends and family in different locations, then what makes a home a home?

Maybe my little buddy Rellie (aka Broccoli Sprout) has the answer. See, wherever she hangs her hat, brings her cowboy boots, or wears her princess attire, that becomes home to her. She has this innate ability to settle in wherever she lands. It is charming really. Whether Rel is at church, at Miss Jenny’s house, at Miss Barbara’s house, at camp with mommy and daddy, or in the car with mommy – she is at home. I love this about her, it is an innate settling essence she has that is delightful to be around.

So for today, I am still peacefully contemplating the meaning and “location” of home… enjoying what I am learning from my big (and little) friends here and in Georgia 🙂


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