Posted by: JennyRain | October 28, 2008

Pugnacious, Pugtastic, Pugfest 2008!

Hi world, it’s me, Lilypug again! What do you get when you combine a Pug with a Pumpkin? A rather short legged mobile vegetable. Or at least that’s what greeted us at Pugfest 2008.



Unfortunately, mom had to leave my sister Abby Grace at home… see, she unexpectedly went into heat so we were all worried she would find a “friend” at the event and not want to pug-go… if you know what I mean! So it was just me, mom, and Auntie Carla, my adopted pug-mom. Walking in we were pug-loaded with puglets… over 200 to be more pug-cise. I had never seen so many other creatures in one place that looked so much like me, I was quite puggly about the whole thing.



Is it time to go yet? How ’bout now??


Auntie Carla was quite enchanted about the fest and kept reminding me of how special I was because they had a whole day JUST for us pugs, but there was no such thing for the people-breed.


The day was well underway when we arrived. The event featured a costume contest with two categories – homemade and store-bought. Other contests included farthest-traveled pug, curliest tail, most wrinkles, most gray, best kisser, best trick, most unique pug mix and longest tongue. In addition, various vendors sold pug stuff, professional pet pictures and pet grooming. This was all to benefit Southeast Pug and Rescue (

All in all it was quite a fest for a pug! Let me show you some of the highlights. First there was sunflower Pug – I liked this costume… maybe I’ll go as a Lily next year!


And there was a pirate who greeted us, “A’hoy pugsley!”

Not to be outdone, of course, by the Sugar-pug fairy… though I think her twinkle toes were a bit tired from too much tapping around the stage…

There was a mermaid, in search of Captain Jack Sparrow who somehow managed to elude his staff and fly out the back door for a quick pug-trip around the building…

There was Cater-pugger the Caterpillar… mom liked this one…

And Puggleumpugus… they won first place…

And the alligator pug… in search of a mermaid I think…

There was a Pugferfish… mom missed this one!

There was a Geisha-pug, Elvis had most definitely NOT left the building, Julius Pugger was in rare form, and Harry Pugger was on hiatus from the movies… but mom I think best liked the fact that ….

her very own pug-prince, Chance, showed up to the event… who says that this Pug-tail doesn’t have a happy ending!



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