Posted by: JennyRain | September 23, 2008

LilyPug and Abby Grace: Pug Adventures

The pups wanted to contribute a blog this week…


From Lily:


Hi, my name is Lilypug and I live the life of a princess-pug! My mom had been looking for a puglet for years and stumbled across SEPRA on January 1st. She had never heard of a puppy-mill before, and as she read the stories her heart just broke and she knew she had to do something and I am so glad she did! I was adopted from SEPRA in March … and from the moment I met my mommy, I knew I had found a forever-lap.


She takes me everywhere, my pug-mom does. Well at least she does when she gets to have me. You see, my grand-pug-parents have taken such a liking to me that they call my mommy just to see me! And when I am there I get to hang out on my favorite blanket, have lots of puglet-walks with my grampy, and get groomed and adored by my grammy. Sometimes my cousins, Maggie and Annie and my pug-aunt and pug-uncle come to visit us all. We have a good time when they are here!

I go to small group once a week because all of my people there just love to see me. Sometimes I get to play with Mandy the black lab, but most often, I get passed around between my people because they love me so much.

Oh, and my mommy has introduced me to the neighborhood vet too and I have made quite an impression! Whenever I go to visit them, all of the pug-vets and pug-vet techs come and talk to me. I tell them all about the wonderful care I get at my mommy’s home, how good my adoption coordinator Tori (pictured above) was in matching me with my mommy, and how much I loved my foster home mom Deborah. Personally, I think I might have convinced quite a number of them to get pugs too and with the latest puppy mill bust in our local county, I think I may have won their hearts over just in time.

My mommy’s cat Miss Kitty still rules the roost (personally, I think she has alpha’d even my mommy!) but she has warmed up to me and now only meow’s at mommy when I spend to long at grammy and grampy’s house. Her kitty anxiety has almost completely disappeared since I’ve arrived, she is no longer messing in the house, and she is so much more relaxed… who knew a puglet like me could have such a positive impact on the feline breed!  

All in all, I am quite the princess puglet and happy about it. My first mommy was so good to me and took splendid care of me – I know it broke her heart to give me up – but my second mommy is so thankful for the opportunity to be a mommy to me and so grateful for the care my first mommy took care of me and so am I! I am truly a loved Lilypug.

From Abby Grace …  

My pug-mommy met me at a SEPRA volunteer event a few months ago and could not get me off her mind for a whole week! When she found out my foster mommy Teri thought I was the Purr-fect puglet, she was puggone! So a couple of months ago, I adopted my new pug-mom and boy, have I been on an adventure.

First my pug-mommy took me and my new sister Lilypug to PetSmart. It took us about a half-an-hour to get there because our pug-belts kept getting in the way of our attempted-pug-romping in the car. When we finally arrived at PetSmart mommy let us drive the puglet-ferrari (aka, shopping basket) and everyone just loved us. We tried to tell everyone how good SEPRA had been to us but we weren’t sure how many humans understood pug-talk. Everyone kept stopping and talking to us, so I guess we kind of stole the show!

The last two months have been so much fun with my new family. I got to meet my extended family this weekend, but am still quite enamored of this meow-feline breed. I’ve never seen a cat before and I think she wants to play with me… oh, hold please… must…chase…cat….

I like to sit in my pug-mommy’s lap and I think it makes her heart happy because she smiles a lot when Lilypug and I are near. Me and my sister Lilypug are still negotiating for space near mommy, but we are working it out. Mommy even brought me to work today and I got to meet all of the kids at her school. They petted me all day because no one could resist me… I sure am a happy pug.

My pug-mom could not have picked a better time to adopt me. Did you know that there have been several puppy mill raids in the state of Georgia this summer? After my mom got over thinking she was crazy for getting yet another pug and she decided to be my forever-lap, there were more pugs that could be rescued from the puppy mills and sent into my place in foster care! I am really glad to have found a new lap, and now my pug-mom is glad that some of the pugs waiting for care have found a foster home. I think my mommy is a softie for pugs and I sure am happy I decided to adopt her.

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