Posted by: JennyRain | March 11, 2008



Last week, I experienced the joy of becoming a Pug-mom to a little girl named, Lily. She is a sweet girl of 8 years old who likes to cuddle, snore, and is always happy to see me when I arrive home.  
Having loved the experience of being staff to my feline brood, I wondered how I would adjust to the distinctly different canine breed. Yet, Lily has snugly cuddled herself right into my life as my special velcro-pug, and is even finding ways to wiggle her way into Miss Kitty’s heart, albeit, slowly…

“What am I to do with you canines?” says Miss Kitty

There is something about rescue-pets that is very special. I rescued both Miss Kitty and Sequel from Feline Foundation ( and from day one, they fit right into my life.

Sequel & Miss Kitty (Snail Curls)

Lily seems to be doing the same. She was a rescue from SEPRA ( and has eased into my life as if I have had her for years. I love being a pug-mom!


Lily’s first visit to Pet Smart

The Attempted first meeting… Pre-Miss-Kitty-Hiss

Lily’s favorite spot on my shoes

End of a long day…



  1. She is soooo cute!!! Wow! A dog adn cat owner!! Miss Kitty is J i bet 🙂

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