Posted by: JennyRain | February 6, 2008

The Art of Surrender: Miss Kitty Style

In the morning when I rise my feline companion, Miss Kitty, demands a time of devotion. I’m not sure that she desires my devotion to her or hers to me, but regardless, when I have attempted to skate through the breaking-sunlight without our morning ritual, I hear the woeful meow’s of a cat-scorned.

Our ritual together consists of me padding downstairs to secure my cup of over-creamed coffee, fix her breakfast, and then follow as she herds me upstairs to “our” chair. Once I have wrapped myself in my down comforter and wiped the remaining sleep from my eyes, Miss Kitty arranges herself into my lap in a snail curl and purrs herself to sleep.

It is charming really and has captivated my attention more than once as I have attempted to concentrate on the more important aspects of devotional time such as reading the bible, four-point prayer, or focused meditation and swatted away Miss Kitty’s purr-filled-contentment as a mere distraction to my efforts. She is satisfied simply by remaining in the warmth of my presence.

Miss Kitty does not know how to read the bible, journal, or pray but she has mastered the art of connection and surrender to love. She just crawls up in my lap when she needs to be loved and protected and I am drawn away from whatever “more important” task I was doing because she is so endearing, vulnerable, transparent… I am enchanted.

Yesterday, she fell asleep on my hand. I was mesmerized as I watched her sink slowly into sleep, completely unaware of the possibility that I may need my hand to write or scratch my head. She had an unwavering faith that her needs would be met, that I would remain in a position of holding her head as she slept, because I was so enthralled by seeing her trusting surrender.

Because I was unable to move, journal, or pick up my bible, I began wondering what my attempts at surrender looked like to God. Am I able to crawl up into His lap when I have need and fall asleep in His arms? Do I allow Him to provide for me in His expressions of love, or do I reject Him through the constant striving of self-sufficiency?

I picture surrender more as a struggle, something where one person loses and the other person wins… not as a calm serenity or a place of secure rest. Is true devotion simply laying my head in His hand and allowing Him to love me?

For He giveth unto His beloved in sleep… Psalm 127:2

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  1. This is so awesome what a neat picture and how sweet is Miss Kitty??? Thanks for sharing this girl. Very intimate and moving.

    Love you!

  2. Great blog – very endearing & true. Thanks!

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