Posted by: JennyRain | December 25, 2007

Christmas Maggie & Annie Style

Tribute to Mags and Anner 

Twas the morning of Christmas
And all round the home

Anner and Mags were stirring
Cuz they lost their doggie bones…

The stockings were ransacked, the presents in disarray
Piles of paper and tissue were left stranded in the wake…

of Doodah and Diggie on their search for Christmas cheer
Under the tree, around presents, and over baggies they did peer…

Mags in her Christmas kerchief and Annie decked in bells,
No ornament left hanging, no candle un-felled

Hither and fro the pair made such a clatter
We rose from our beds to see what was the matter

Away to the tree the family made haste
To try and prevent the presents from becoming a waste

Time stood still as we arrived at the tree
And noticed a mobile glimmering that was roaming quite free

When what to our sleep deprived eyes did appear
But two golden retrievers with Christmas tinsel hanging from their ears…

As innocence hung quietly from their puppy dog faces
We knew in a moment who had left the twinkling traces

More speedily than Santa they created the messy pile
Til Brother Bill rose up and in Alpha Dog style, said

“Diggie and Doodah, it is Christmas you hear!
It is not time for Dog messes, but time for Christmas Cheer!

To the top of the tree, and along all of the walls!
Your messes have been made! Now dash away all!”

The dogs looked at brother then brother the pups
The family stood frozen waiting for all to erupt

Then out of the house Annie and Maggie did fly
With the tinsel and the paper, and my brother close behind…

Maggie’s grey hair was flying in tuffets round her face
Annie’s head was bobbing in time to the race

To the window the family flew in a jiffy
Horrified that Christmas was no longer quite so nifty

Dressed only in boxer shorts, tshirt, and robe
My brother flew down the street out of the family abode

Wrapping paper and tinsel flew off the dogs backs
Leaving a trail for brother to follow in the puppy dogs tracks

Brother’s eyes – how they focused, his face red as a cherry!
He was anything at that point in time, but merry!

Maggies tongue hung low as she ran out of sight
Legs pumping and striding with all of her might.

The stump of a branch Annie held tight in her teeth
Circling round the bells of her collar like a wreath

Their auburn faces and furry broad bellies
Shook as they ran like bowls full of jelly

Brothers chase went on through the woods he delved,
We all laughed as we watched, in spite of ourselves

But a squint of his eye and a lurching of his head
Soon gave us a the feeling of impending dread

He spoke not a word as he followed on the chase
A look of determination rose on his face

Pointing his finger, fast on the pups hinds
They kept running and running till well out their minds…

Round about midnight on Christmas we heard
The prancing of paws and the muttering of words

With an exclamation we heard brother yell with all his might!
“I will get you two pups if it takes me all night!”




Copyright by author 12.25.2007 (C)

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