Posted by: JennyRain | November 22, 2007

Believing God: Active Faith in an Inactive Season

This week has arrived with a barrage of internal questions all starting with the same precursor, “What next…”

What next with schooling? What next with finances? What next with the job situation? What next in ministry? What next?!?

What does Truth-based, active and engaged belief look like in the circumstances that I find myself?

Last December when I stepped out of my 14-year training career, I did it in faith that God would provide. He has. Abundantly. I set a goal of taking a break from my overly-trained corporate mindset and stepping into a season of rest to “clear the airwaves” of my brain before entering into ministry. My goal was to rest until August, taking on no new activities until that time. Then in August God provided a financial blessing that is enabling this season to continue through the end of December.

So here I find myself, two weeks away from December, six weeks away from an almost-empty bank account. As the stress of the “what next” questions accumulate internally, I begin to question if I have really developed any faith this past year. I mean, it is simple to have faith when you have a year’s worth of savings in front of you neatly tucked away in your bank account. Faith is a natural response to the knowledge that your family would cut off their left leg before seeing you destitute.

But Have I really had to Believe God in this season?

If I am still asking “what next,” then is not my underlying struggle “what am I going to do next to pull myself up God?” I have learned to be self-sufficient, pay my own way, earn my achievements, and take an active role in determining my destiny because the gospel of the world is “God helps those who help themselves.” And truthfully, my personality is not one to sit still in the quietness of life and simply enjoy it, I rather like to conquer the resting spaces with some great achievement.

Simply waiting in the claustrophobic-non-Starbucks-graced-enclosed spaces of middle Georgia without a clear goal to run to is counter to everything I have experienced in my 37 years on this earth. I am decidedly agitated and completely unable to answer the “what next” question for the first time in my life and the more I attempt to control the answers, the more they seem to slip through my fingers, yet undefined.

What is Believing God in Faith?

The Message version of Heb 11:1 says this, “The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see.”

How can something we cannot see become a foundation for which we build our trust on? How can we be certain of something that has intangible boundaries and is delimited only in our minds, not in the physical reality we can see, taste, touch, and feel? It is so much easier and safer to trust in those things I can experience through my senses. And perhaps therein lies the essence of my battle.

“…But the righteous shall live by faith” (Hab 2:4b).

One commentary on this verse says, “some Christians live by devotions, some by good works, some by feelings, and some by circumstances.” I am guilty of all of those things. But this verse is saying that the truly righteous, those who are fully justified and being sanctified live by faith alone. Not faith in our Christianity, not faith in securing answers to those questions that plague us, not faith in people, not faith in circumstances, not faith in things, not faith in our feelings and experiences, but faith alone.

To live by faith alone is terrifying to me. That means, when He says “take no bag for your journey,” I have faith alone that He will provide for me. That means I have to give up control and believe Him for the answers to “what next.” It means I submit without cutting and running from the journey. It means I surrender to the path before me knowing God is on it, whether or not my questions get answered. It means I trust Him, knowing that He has carefully planned every step in His infinite wisdom.

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