Posted by: JennyRain | November 16, 2007

How to Marry the Man of Your Dreams

Four years ago I mistakenly received a book from Amazon that I had not ordered. After trying unsuccessfully for weeks to send it back, I finally decided to pick it up thinking perhaps it was by Divine intervention rather than coincidence that it was mailed to me.

Within minutes of starting to read, I was giggling uncontrollably and have been so tickled by it’s “advice” that I have used it in several young women’s studies as an anti-how-to book. Today I decided to review it for some sermon fodder and research on the topic of “True Love.” True to form, the book had me teary-eyed from laughter in mere nanoseconds. This book’s entertainment value is priceless.

The book is entitled:

Why Men Marry Some Women, and Not Others

The Fascinating Research That Can Land You The Husband Of Your Dreams

The author John T. Molloy a New York Times best selling author has “statistically” researched a whopping 2,500 engaged couples and 1,800 singles to determine the secret of their success in getting married. Molloy and his team have conclusively determined from their exhaustive random sampling that to move towards marriage success, women should know this:

(1) A restrained smile is better than a broad grin in finding a mate.
(2) Male friends do not help you find the love of your life.
(3) Good posture will help you land a husband.
(4) All wives are trophy wives – strive to be one.
(5) Most men only like women who like them.
(6) Dress in such a way that communicates “I am wife material.”
(7) Dating Mr. Wrong helps you find true love (Perhaps unless you are dating him when you have just met Mr. Right???).
(8) Dating eligible (translation: Non-married) men will help you get married faster.

… and my all time favorite

(9) If you reach thirty and have not yet found true love, reorganize your entire life to make finding true love your primary goal for the next two to three years no matter what your educational background or your professional accomplishments.

I find it humorous that Molloy’s book can now be found on E-bay at the bargain-basement price of $1.95.

A Woman’s Opinion counts

One woman states in an Amazon review some additional gems of discovery in Molloy’s book for marrying the man of your dreams.

(1) Men want younger women.
(2) If you are an over 40 woman who is single, you better be attractive and thinner than your younger counterparts.
(3) You should marry unattractive men who get passed over by other women.

This woman has determined that perhaps she should write a book to tell women the following:

(1) Date divorced men – they are easier to get along with.
(2) Love yourself enough to take care of yourself on the inside and out.

Another woman (happily married for six years, overweight when she met her husband whom she met in a non-Molloy-sanctioned location) states about the book: “If you want a laugh, it’s great. If you’re looking for sound advice, get another book.”

Where’s the Love?

So in a culture obsessed with getting married and having babies how does a woman go about finding the man of her dreams? Should she even try? What are the ingredients that make relationships successful? I am no expert on this subject, but I am learning the importance of the following:

Be true to yourself. If someone falls in love with you because you are attempting to fake a winning smile, be thinner, engage in activities that will not interest you in the long run, when you eventually become who you are – they will wonder who they are dating!

Know who and WHOSE are before you attempt to unite with anyone else. Otherwise, the person you are dating will define your identity. Just be yourself because everyone else is taken.



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  1. This is hysterical! I cant believe people buy into that crap.

  2. This is awesome Jenny 🙂

    – Jessica West

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