Posted by: JennyRain | November 12, 2007

Revlon versus reality: Nail Art Redefined

Last week I painted my nails for the first time in a year. Rather, I took the time to paint my fingers, my cuticles, and my favorite Abercrombies. My nails did not have much to do with it as they cut and run every time the brush attempted to connect with them. I spent the rest of the afternoon perniciously peeling purple-passion off of my cuticles. The joys of beautification.

As the rebellious purple-passion dribbled down the side of my index finger during one of my infamous near-nail misses, I began painting parallels between my expertise in nail care and my fourteen-year attempt at illustrating my canvas entitled “Relationships”… Friendships, family-ships, dating-ships, employee-peer-ships, church-mentor-ships, small-group-ships, teacher-ships, just plain relation-ships have become a mosaic-like art piece that resembles paint-chips and broken glass up close.

I have definitely been an outside-the-boundaries relationship painter.

This relational mosaic has left me with cleanup on the edges of my life similar to what happens when I paint my fingers, ah, I mean, my nails. I spend twice as much time cleaning the nail-polish-overage from my fingers as I do painting them. Is nail art, uh, I mean are relationships, rats! I mean, is painting my fingernails supposed to be like this?

I mean, the end result of perfectly-polished-pointers should look like this, right?

Why do my nails end up looking like this instead?



Am I the only 37-year old flunkie of nail-care 101? Are we women not bred to understand the fine art of manicure-etticus? Did I miss something in the instructional video? Not go to the correct nail-care classes? Go into cryogenetic-hybernization during the part of my life when I am supposed to learn nail care? Or, maybe I am missing the genetic marker for manicure-ability?! And weren’t our fingers were perfectly fine before Revlon invented yet another way to make our life more complicated?
New Vantage Point


When I held my Picasso-like-nails more-than-a-scatter away from my eyeballs I watched the distance render the beyond-the-fingernail-boundary-brush-blobs brilliantly blended! Those rogue strokes of purple-passion politely mingled into the background and did not distract from the overall design of the nail art. Distance gave them depth and design rather than dents and drips.

I wonder if time and distance will have the same effect on my relational-art-work? Will I see it as a mess or a Michelangelo? When I step back from the creation will the pieces of broken glass emerge as a magnificent mosaic and the blobs, bumps, and blotches of paint ebb into the montage giving it an intensity and incandescent luminosity that hints at a Designer with intention, purpose and plan?

These questions about my relational “artwork” and my fingernails, remain. I am so thankful for the nail-polish… errr… I mean friendships, restored-family-ships, occupational-ships, connection-group-ships and all of the other “ships” that have and continue to add texture and color to my life.

Sometimes my artwork appears a bit painted-around-the-edges, but then, maybe that is by design.

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