Posted by: JennyRain | April 7, 2007

AfterEve 2006: Audio is Available!

Download Available! The Audio Recording for My Secret Secular Life is posted on

After Eve: My Secret Secular Life – Audio,2725,I%253D1415858772%2526M%253D200864%2526N%253Daudio,00.html

Product Description
Does it ever feel like you’re living a double
life? Learn how your faith affects every area of your life, how what you believe infuses all your relationships and all your activities with truth, with order, and with boundaries. Taped at After Eve 2006, a conference for young women by young women. After Eve deals with relevant matters and challenges young women to a deeper walk with Christ.


Jenny has experienced firsthand the devastation of domestic violence and generational divorce. She has witnessed the destructive effects of drugs and alcoholism upon family and friends. She is the child of a homosexual father and has lived through and healed from an eating disorder. Her writing has been published in a variety of national magazines and she speaks regularly at women’s events. Jenny is also pursuing a Masters in Divinity and Counseling at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia.

PC Users—Audio files are available for PC use only in Windows Media format. They can be copied to PlaysforSure Windows Media Player devices. The files can’t be copied or burned to CD or DVD media.

Digital Audio (wma) Duration: 01:18:12 File Size: 56MB ISBN 1415858772 Download times

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