Posted by: JennyRain | January 15, 2007

The First 7 minutes at Frontline

What happened the first 7 minutes of your church experience?
In January of 2001 the first 7 minutes of my visit to Frontline in Northern VA were about to change my life, but I did not know it then. I went alone to the service, but felt embraced from the moment I entered the parking lot. Everyone was smiling, and waving. This is DC! I thought…No one smiles in DC! Why are all these people smiling?!?

From the front door to my seat I was greeted five times and by the time I sat down I had shaken more hands than at my last fourteen corporate sales meetings combined. I had no sooner taken my seat than some strange guy came over to introduce himself. As I looked around, I overheard talk of small groups and saw everyone genuinely happy to see each other and at peace with their lives. Peaceful, in DC of all places!

A welcoming community, a break from the craziness of life, warm hands and hearts to share the journey, and an inspiring community of faith to fan into flame the gifts that God had planted in me. That is what God used the first 7 minutes of Frontline to walk me into.
Five years later I have I have watched God work in my life in powerful ways I never thought possible as I’ve finished one year of seminary in Atlanta, been consistently active in foreign missions, led worship stateside and in Africa, spoke at Christian conferences and women’s groups, am exploring Mid-term missions work in Africa, and have fallen more in love with Christ than I think I could have ever done alone because I had the power of true Christian community to walk with me.
And the individual who introduced himself? He later became the missions leader on three trips I participated on and he and his wife are still two of my closest friends and strongest prayer warriors.

What happens during the first 7 minutes at your church?

When you see a person alone, do you greet them? They may be the next missionary to China, or Thailand, or the next Beth Moore, or maybe they could become your best friend. Perhaps they simply need a friendly smile to encourage them or someone to sit with.

When you notice that a person has walked in the front doors with a look of desperation and trepidation on their face, is your first thought showing the love of Christ and welcoming them, or getting to your seat before someone else takes it? That person who has just walked in the door alone could be two weeks away from a devastating breakup, or the loss of a job, or a death in the family and God may have crossed your paths because He wants YOU to hold their hand, or their heart.

How can we as followers of Christ ever hope to transform the world OUTSIDE of our church walls if we can not even take five minutes to reach out to the broken hearts INSIDE of our doors?

Next week, pay attention to the first 7 minutes of church. Look around. Open your eyes and your hearts.

God may use you to impact a life…
And then that one life may transform a community….
And then that community may revolutionize a nation
And that nation… the world.

All it takes is 7 minutes, and YOU.

See of McLean Bible Church (

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