Posted by: JennyRain | December 22, 2006

Endings and Beginnings

Today marks the end of an era for me as I step out of my corporate identity as a trainer.

This identity has served me well, and I have served it. For fourteen years, I have worn the training identity as a badge of honor, having daily felt blessed to have a career that I have loved.

When I made the decision to step out of my job back in May of this year, it was not because of frustration or lack of fulfillment. Working at Reynolds has truly been the pinnacle of my career. I have worked for a boss who has been deliberate and specific about offering opportunities to invest in my future, a leadership team that has demonstrated creative vision, integrity, and good stewardship of each resource that comes into their care, and an aesthetic “wonderland” to drive into each morning. What am I thinking!?!

The Call

The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you.” Gen 12:1.

What exactly do you do when you have been called? What do you do when you know that a season is ending in your life, but you cannot see the beginnings of the next one? If you are like me, you will grasp on tightly to that which you know and is visible and bemoan the fact that the birth of the new year’s growth has not sprouted yet.

Like a tree we are torn between two worlds, a part of us rooted in the soil, another part reaching for the sky. But because our roots can grasp soil more securely than our leaves can grasp sky, the soil seems more real (Ken Gire).
Though I would love to tell you that I have gone into this next season willingly, in truth, I have gone kicking and screaming (sometimes kicking and screaming at people). Just because we make a choice to change, does not mean that change comes easily. I am a planner. And when I made this decision to invest in “a new season” in my life I had a perfectly laid out plan. I was going to start raising funds in January for Africa, sell my house, get rid of all my belongings, and get the heck out of dodge for my new beginning in Africa!

I had a plan. I was working the plan.

But all the while, God was using my plan to work me, change me, and reveal some things in my heart and my life that still needed some “tweaking” before Africa becomes a reality. Will Africa happen? Yes. It is just the timing that has been changed. The Divine Other has shifted, shaken, and remodeled my plan for the purpose of the call. The problem is that His editing is not fitting into MY plan or MY timing!

Seeing around the corner

When I am driving on a freeway, I like to be able to see around the corner to the next exit in case I need to get off the road or change direction. But there are times when “seeing around the corner” is not an option because the next exit is beyond human sight. It is in times like these that we have to trust that though we cannot see around the corner, God can, and He has perfect sight.

Right now I can no longer see around the corner. My map has been shredded and I’m “driving blind.” My new beginnings have not manifested themselves. It is in this place that faith becomes a reality and the road an illusion, instead of the other way around. And it is in this place when trust in God is demonstrating itself to be a more solid foundation than my paper plans.
2 Corinthians 5:18 We look not at things that are seen, but at things that are not seen. For the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal.




  1. Jenny-girl!
    I know the change is probably hard, and yet at the same time a relief. Thank you SO much for your Christmas newsletter. We had great holidays here and are trying to get ready for school to start again.
    Love you and thinking of you!

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  3. This was powerful, Jenny. Wow. It really spoke to me. I’m going to be reading this again. 🙂

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