Posted by: JennyRain | November 5, 2006

Life "AfterEve" continued…More on My Secret Secular Life

The next six weeks will be dedicated to the participants of AfterEve 2006 who are, like me, on the journey of faith. May you be blessed, enlightened, and encouraged by these writings and in knowing that I am praying for you For my regular readers, I pray that these blogs help each one of us learn to minister to the needs of the NextGen population with more caring and compassion.

In the Beginning

When I first started teaching women, I thought it was my job to have all of the answers, to make sure that everything in my own life was “all together,” and to have a fool-proof procedure for any and every situation that came up during the lesson. I was wrong.

I am finding that often I am on the same journey as those I am attempting to instruct, and so I wind up figuring things out with them as we travel along together. I have also learned that often God, and life, and this thing called “following Christ” usually leaves all of us with more questions than answers and more confusion than clarity.

Many women came to AfterEve with the very same questions that I have asked over the years…

  1. Am I supposed to be drinking, drugging, sleeping around (etc) as a follower of Christ? What do I do with the temptation I feel in all of these areas?
  2. What do I do with the relationships in my life that constantly seem to “lead me astray”? Is the straying a result of the relationship, or is there something in me that is pulling me from where I “should” be as a follower of Christ?
  3. All my decisions are made in an attempt to make everyone happy and my life is becoming a mess!
  4. All my friends party on the weekends, can I go with them or should I just stay home?
  5. Why does it sometimes feel there are multiple “me’s”? There is a church me, a school me, a work me, and a going-out-on-Friday me… are they all me?
  6. I know God loves me no matter what, so can I not just sin all week and go to church on Sunday? After all, I am in the holy club, so that means I am free right?

I have asked every one of those questions and at times find myself embroiled in the same dilemmas I thought I had solved years ago. I have found that more often than not the answer to each of them is “Yes” and “No,” sometimes at the same time.

Rest assured that underlying every question you ask is a deeper question you are pondering… the question of Identity. Who am I really, Lord? And who are YOU?

Today, may you be encouraged that who you are, in any and every event of your life is a beloved, cherished, valued child of God. Know also that there is nothing you ever have done, or will do, that can make you any less or more acceptable to God. He loves you, no matter what.

So as you come to the foot of the cross with your questions, know that I will be on my knees praying for you resting in full confidence that God has an answer for you that is far better than anything that I could ever provide to you… May God use these next six weeks as a channel to draw you closer to Him.

I invite you to participate in this journey & email me questions that come up. I will attempt to address them in these blogs.

In God’s abundant love… Jenny

Mt 6:8b your Father knows what you need before you ask him.



  1. Jenny – what a true and beautiful message. I like how you get to the heart of the matter. mel

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