Posted by: JennyRain | September 22, 2006

A Voice for the Voiceless

Into every life will arrive a person who has lost their voice. They have lost their voice because they were never taught to use it. They have lost their voice because the world stopped caring. They have lost their voice because at some point someone convinced them that they were not worth hearing.

There are silent screams occurring all around you, every day. Can you hear them?

This is a voiceless child, crying out for health care.
This is a voiceless mother, screaming for food for her hungry children.

This is a voiceless victim, weeping through her bruises.

This is a voiceless addict, mumbling incoherent syllables of misery.

Struggling for Sound

The world has pockets of people that have been struggling for sound for decades. Poverty has eaten their voices, abuse has smacked their cries into silence, disease has debilitated any decibel they might have made, if they had the luxury of people that cared. When we choose to connect with others, our voices merged with their silence, the gift we give to them is air-time.

Air-time for their issues. A channel for the pain they feel. An avenue to freedom from misery-city and hopeless-hut.

The broken world does not need for us to throw more money at it, what it needs is our hearts, and our voices, and our care.

If someone has helped you find your voice, is it not time that we help another person find theirs? In the words and prayer of my professor, Dr. Graham Walker…

You are anointed this day as the “Voice of the Voiceless.” A voice that is necessary for us to know who the church is. You have tasted the wild spirit of Christ — the growing edge of the church and you know that the church of Christ will not live without that nourishment…

God of infinite horizons, by your Spirit you have opened new places in the heart for these your servants. With a newborn’s eyes, You have given them visions of your Kin-dom beyond the soft pews and climate-controlled Christianity we know so well. By your wild and un-tame-able Spirit, You have energized their souls for communities of promise and hope beyond the borders of language, skin color, economic or social position. Un-domesti-cate-able Spirit, touch our lips to be the Voice of the Voiceless, use our hands and guide our feet with the passion of Your testimony til in harmony we grow together in the fullness of Your Christ. Amen.

All writings copyrighted 9.22.2006 (c)


  1. As one who has just found her voice in the past few years, I just loved this. thank you for sharing your wisdom! melanie

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