Posted by: JennyRain | July 29, 2006

Man left to die… Because no one stopped to help

If you noticed someone dying right next to you…would you stop to help them?

I have found that the two times I am least likely to stop and help a traveler-in-need are 1) on the way to church and 2) on the way from church. On the way to church, I’m usually late, and on the way from church, I’m usually spent. So I travel on, oblivious to the pain surrounding me.

I wonder who I have left on the side of the road to die?

There was a story a few weeks ago about a man left to die on the side of Mt. Everest. It was a gruesome tale of how 40 climbers passed by the dying man and no one stopped to offer assistance. His death occurred from a lack of oxygen… something that could have been easily shared had the climbers teamed up. The dead man’s name was David Sharp. He was 34 and found without oxygen.

Since when did reaching the summit become more important than people’s lives?

Jesus tells the story of another man left to die on the side of the road after being robbed and attacked. Two priests passed him by, both traveling with priestly supplies that could have helped the dying man. Oil would have softened the scabs for cleaning, and wine would have purified the man’s wounds. But the priests did not stop… perhaps they were too busy thinking about “church”?

This seems to be a sad commentary on our modern day world. Oftentimes, we are so busy trying to reach “church” that we miss opportunities to “be the church” to people dying all around us. When did it become more important to get a “fix” at a weekly worship service, than to help “fix” the world around us?

Should we blame the dying?

Reports are beginning to surface blaming Sharp because he had “traveled alone,” “waved off help,” and “ignored warnings.” Perhaps the Samaritan man “traveled alone,” “waved off help,” and “ignored warnings.” Haven’t we all?

So if we can find a way to blame the dying for their present condition, should we leave them on the side of the road?

We all have opportunities to become Modern Day Samaritans… If we choose to. Lasting change in the American churches will only happen when we choose to recognize the need and do something about it.
Click here to read the true story of someone who chose to be a Modern Day Samaritan


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