Posted by: JennyRain | July 22, 2006

Why Africa? America Needs You too!

Why go to Africa when you can stay here and minister?

There are pressing needs in America that can keep aspiring pastors busy for the next millennium. There is poverty in America…there is hunger in America…there is abuse in America…why can you not just serve here?

Why Africa fergawdsake?

Because it is for God’s sake, and His name, and His people, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. This is what John Piper refers to as ‘Frontier Missions’… finding the place where Christ’s name has not yet been shared and taking it there.

The Research Shows …

John Piper, author of “Let the Nations be Glad!” has devoted a lifetime of study to local and world missions. He states:

The surprising conclusion we found was that frontier missions is the servant of domestic ministries. And domestic ministries here are the training ground and breeding ground for frontier missionaries. The great irony we found, in all the emotional turmoil of those days was that the people who ought to have the greatest burden for frontier missions are the people who have the biggest heart for domestic ministries. The same love of Christ and the same sense of justice that burdens a person for evangelism and housing and unemployment and hunger and health care in Minneapolis will also burden a person for these very same needs in people groups where no Christian impulse for transformation exists at all.  

In English? Piper is telling us that the very people who are the most involved domestically in America are also the first to board planes, trains, and automobiles to find that distant land where indigenous peoples have no access to the name of Jesus Christ and begin sharing it…in word and deed!

America is the training ground for many of these missionaries desiring to show God through Pastoral care in distant lands.

In the words of a dear friend of mine who works for Campus Crusade… our job is very simple. We are to… “Win…Build…Send”

For Such a Time as This…

Perhaps the problem is… if I leave, then one less person locally is actively on the attack to rid America of the same challenges that I am going to Africa to combat. If I leave, there is a hole in the church. A hole that someone else must step up and fill.

And perhaps that person is afraid that they might be the next one sent out?

And to that I say …

Go and find a world, where My name has never been said
And say it there, Let it ring like a song…Ring like a song
Go and find a world, where My face has never been shown
And show it there, let it shine like the sun … Shine like the sun
(Jami Smith – Go and Find a World)



  1. bjr: I’m fascinated by all the reading you do and the way you use the authors (Mullins in this case) to make your point or impact.
    I also loved the “dirty-rice” blog including the “free delivery” offer!!
    love, mom

  2. As usual, you answer the questions that are on people’s minds that they haven’t gotten around to asking yet. Each of us must answer the calling that pulls at our hearts in our own way. Some of us follow the call here on our “home soil”, while others spread their wings and fly far and wide. It truly takes all kinds to make a difference.

    Spread your wings and fly.

  3. Wow! The last post kind of left me without words for several minutes. You’ve put your life in His hands and He’s showing you so clearly (and with passion) where you need to go! What a blessing!!! You go girl!! 😀

  4. Wow Sister…

    I read each one and your words pierce thru my heart. Reaching and Teaching… as always. Keep the WORD Flowing.

    Love Ya,

  5. WoW Sister…

    Today I read them all and they’ve pierced my heart. As usual your REACHING AND TEACHING!

    Love ya,

  6. According to your own definition……I say to you from the depths of sincerity, from the caverns of my soul, if you look upon the mirror…..there you will find your hero. You are a marvelous, special human being. I will never measure up to you. (and you know I think pretty highly of myself) I’m proud of you. -Earl

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