Posted by: JennyRain | July 3, 2006

My secret to being thankful

Finding a heart of thanks

“Do you want to see my secret for being thankful all of the time?” said my friend Yuksel

The afternoon seemed to drag on endlessly between projects and I was ready for a break.

Yuksel had been raised in the thick of war-torn countries. He had seen poverty…had experienced violence…and had come to America with those scenes burned in his heart.

He remains one of the most thankful people I know. Though we only shared desk space for a short time, his impact lingers in my life.

“Sure, why not!” I said.

Knowing Yuksel tended toward the quiet side, I looked forward to his wisdom because when he shared, it was usually something heart-enriching. Though I must say, I was not ready for what awaited me. It was to be – for me – one of those pivotal moments that you cannot turn back from.

“This” He said. And handed me a picture.

Above is a picture of a young Sudanese girl who is starving to death. Behind her is a vulture, waiting for her to die. She has become the prey of a hungry vulture because the world has overlooked her need. Unable to make it to a feeding center, this young child became fodder for a hungry vulture and journalist.

Haunting isn’t it?

How can we not be thankful for all that we have? And how, out of our thankful hearts and full bellies can we sit back…turn our faces…and look away?

For more details on what happened to the photographer see:




  1. Wow! Talk about a POWERFUL image. I don’t know if anyone could see it and ever be the same.

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